Our Mandate

Women in Defence and Security (WiDS) was established to promote and support the advancement of women in careers related to Canadian defence and security industries.

WiDS was founded on three pillars:

  1. To provide financial assistance to women pursuing higher education towards careers in defence and national security in the form of a memorial scholarship;
  2. To provide professional development learning opportunities for our members; and
  3. To organize and foster networking opportunities.

Our History

Now more than ever, women are breaking down barriers and pursuing more ‘traditionally male’ careers. Yet while they are continuing to excel in scientific, engineering and business fields, all once squarely the domain of men, the statistics of women in defence and related industries don’t tell the same story.

Enter Women in Defence and Security (WiDS): 
In 2005, an ambitious group of Canadian women in the defence and security industries wanted to do more to promote the great career opportunities available to women in typically male- dominated defence and security industries.

Inspired after attending a meeting of Women in Defense in the United States, they decided to form a Canadian version – Women in Defence and Security – and WiDS / Femmes en défense et sécurité Canada was born.

WiDS Canada had two purposes: First, to highlight defence and security as very attractive career options for Canadian women; and second, to provide a forum for those in the industry to come together and network. In just a decade, WiDS has emerged as one of the country’s leading advocates for women in leadership positions in defence and security – from a handful of members meeting in downtown Ottawa to the more than 2,200 members – men and women – from all levels of Canada’s public and private sectors, industry, military and police organizations today.

WiDS’s members are men and women who work in the public sector, the private sector, corporate, government, academic and military fields. Membership is free and offers many great benefits, so come join us! 

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