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Developing Talent: WiDS Expands Speed Mentoring Offering

WiDS is pleased to announce the expansion of our highly successful Speed Mentoring event. In 2019, we are thrilled to have events in Ottawa, London and Halifax - giving our regional members the opportunity to connect with leaders in Canada’s defence and security industries.

“At WiDS, two of the pillars on which we base our success are ‘creating connections’ and ‘developing talent’. Our Speed Mentoring event contributes to both. This event is really about putting yourself out there, asking questions, and taking advantage of an opportunity where so many senior-level mentors are in one space. These men and women have compelling stories and come prepared to share valuable career advice,” said Jackie Pothier, WiDS' Vice President of Professional Development.

Speed Mentoring provides a unique forum for those either just starting out or mid-career to interact with senior-level men and women in industry, military and the public sector. Mentees have the opportunity to engage in 15-minute conversations with talented senior leaders who represent a wide array of organizations in the defence and security industries. While these short sessions are designed for participants to seek career advice, they often turn into engaging conversations rather than following a simple question and answer format.