WiDS Executive Team


Jana Lee Murray, CAE

Executive VP:

Kristine Osgoode, Independent Management Consultant

VP, Affiliations and Sponsorship:

Astrid Neuland, THALES Canada

VP, Communications:

Sabrine Barakat, DND / MDN

VP, Events:

Denise Lemay, DND

VP, Finance:


VP, Government Liaison:

Lynn Smith, Public Safety Canada

VPs, Liaison Defence and
Security Industries:

Lori Watson, PwC and Ann Garber, Optiv

VP, Membership:

Lisa Dickson, Accenture

VPs, Scholarships:

Kate Kaminska, DRCC / RDDC and/et Heather Hrychuk, DRDC / RDDC

Directors at Large:

CPO2 / PM 2 Cheryl Bush, CAF / FAC


Michael Doucet, SIRC / CSARS

WiDS Canada (West):

Kimberley Van Vliet, WāV

Project Manager:

Denise Lemay

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